Micah started out his life as a country kid in Maine, and the influences from that place and culture have stayed with him. As you will see in Micah’s music, his songs are an expression of what is hidden in his heart, and much of what has influenced his heart are memories his childhood; roaming the wild, wooded mountains of Maine’s interior; working the farmland that lies in the river valleys between those mountains; a simplicity of existence; spending his formative years around people who are completely unpretentious and entirely real. To get a taste of Micah’s music is to get a taste of who he is. His songs are drawn largely from his own experiences, or from the experiences of the people he holds dear. His songs are as unpretentious and real as the gritty, rural people he grew up with. And, just as in the people and places he grew up, there’s such a rustic beauty to them. To find such honesty in a song is a rarity, and is precisely what makes his music such a treasure. It seems to me that most people write songs they think other people will want to hear. Micah writes songs that other people need to hear…messages of hope and restoration; songs about dreams—ones that come true, and ones that don’t; stories about less-than-perfect families and spouses who learned to love in spite of their flaws; songs prompting us all to live life to its fullest, to pursue God’s highest will for us rather than settling for 2nd best; and songs about knowing where you came from (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) , and learning from it. So have a listen and let the music speak for itself.